Growing up in New Mexico , Geoff Dennis was a spiritual seeker who sampled and appreciated many paths to wisdom. Working for eight years as a registered nurse, he longed to integrate Western medicine with the power of spiritual healing. Having embraced the Jewish tradition as an adult, Rabbi Dennis has committed himself to sharing the spiritual power of Judaism with the widest possible audience.

Rabbi Dennis has studied in Jerusalem and earned a Master’s Degree in Hebrew Letters and ordination from Hebrew Union College , the oldest Jewish seminary in the Americas . He also has degrees in Nursing and in Education. A working rabbi since 1996, he is currently rabbi of Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound, Texas , and faculty in the Jewish Studies Program at the University of North Texas , where he teaches courses on Kabbalah, Talmud, and Midrash.

His articles on a variety of topics appear in periodicals like Parabola: The Magazine of Myth and Tradition and Healings Ministries. He is a major contributor to Encyclopedia Mythica, an online resource devoted to world myth and folklore.

 He is married and the father of two children.

Geoffrey W. Dennis


Have Geoffrey Dennis Speak to Your Group

 An energetic and engaging teacher, Rabbi Dennis is a popular lecturer in congregations, universities, and national conferences.

 Some Potential Topics:

 Y       Kabbalah: an introduction to Jewish mysticism.

 Y       The Sound of Sheer Silence: mystical and meditative spiritual practice

 Y       Witches, Dreamers, and Priestesses: Jewish Women Mystics

 Y       Three People who Ascended Alive to Heaven: what they teach us about Judaism

 Y       Demons and Dybbuks and Golems, Oh My!: an introduction to the monstrous in Judaism

 Y       Sex, Food, and Death: Kabbalah perspectives on the most interesting things in life

 Y       The Synagogue as a Center for Healing

 Y       The Garments of Torah: understanding the Jewish occult

 Y       Angels, Demons, and Other Problems for Jews and Monotheism

 Y       Alchemy of the Sacred Word: How Midrash makes the Bible an eternal text

 Y       This Too is Torah: Medicine, Healing, and Judaism

 Y       Some of Our Righteous are Fish: death, reincarnation, and spiritual possession in Kabbalah.

 Y       Judaism, Eroticism, and Zionism: The Art of E.M. Lilien (Powerpoint).

To inquire about bringing Rabbi Dennis to your group, contact him at:

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What People Have to Say

 “Never before have I personally witnessed a man with such an equal fusion of spiritual passion and scholarly understanding.”  - Anthony W.

 “The way his lectures are organized and presented makes the subject much easier to understand.”   - David H.

“Thank you Rabbi….You have opened up the tikkun of teaching and I hope to brighten this new spark of Jewish education to the greatest potential.”  – David S.

“Rabbi Dennis is a highly effective and extremely knowledgeable educator. His casual demeanor combined with a spirit of excellence promotes and enjoyable and insightful learning experience. Rabbi’s knowledge of kabbalistic literature and Jewish mysticism is deep and extensive. A wonderful professor to study under!”   - Melody P.

 “Your attitude, humor and light-heartedness really made the program enjoyable. Every person that turned in an evaluation said they would recommend your presentation/program to a friend. Bravo!”  - Lori F.

 “Rabbi Dennis is an insightful and provocative teacher able to pierce straight to the heart of Jewish mystical doctrine.”  - Kent C.

 “It is nice to have a teacher who is passionate about the information he is teaching.” - Yana K.

“You brought both creativity and depth to the workshop. I hope you heard some of the wonderful feedback about the presentation that I heard.”   - Sue Ann W.

 “Your presentation was wonderful!...And your humor was great!”   - Clare H.

 “I wish I had Rabbi Dennis’ kabbalistic instruction as a child in Hebrew school. I would probably be more of a Jew today.”   - Irene T.

  “We owe you a great debt of thanks for helping make this most significant part of our convention program such an outstanding success. As you know, attendance at the workshops far exceeded our expectations. You succeeded in motivating our delegates to choose participation over myriad other options…”  - Eric Y.

 “Rabbi Dennis is a kind and knowledgeable man, a wonderful teacher and a joy to be around.”     - Anon.

“This course changed my life!” - Rob L

 “Thank you so much for coming and speaking…You were awesome.”    - Karen C.

 “The Rabbi’s intelligence and wit is only succeeded by his humanity”   - McFarland C.

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