A Journey to Israel

Getting there (Trip  Journal)
Saturday - Caesarea & Akko
Sunday - Jaffa's Old City & Tel Aviv
Monday - Beit She'an
Tuesday - Masada To Jerusalem
Wednesday & Thursday- Jerusalem
Friday - Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv
Musings In the Air (Trip Journal)
Credits & Thank You's

Credits and Thank You's    


  • Aaron who acted as guide, translator, and who insured I came away with better than the average tourist's understanding of what I was seeing.

  • This trip was originally suggested by my brother, as was the basic itinerary that was followed.   Geoff, I owe you one.

  • Thank you to Baroness Scheherazade and the other members of the Baronial Household of Bhakail who kept telling me, "Go, you'd be crazy not to."

  • Megan from World Travel.  "What do you mean you haven't got hotel rooms yet????" and "...trust me, go with Budget on the car...make sure you understand the insurance, don't assume you know what they mean by full coverage."

  • inisrael.com for being such a great website for hotels.  I would use them again in any country I intended to visit.

  • The graphic of the "Lion of Judah" on the home / index page was originally found in a search of Google Images.  My subsequent attempts to re-find the image so that I could give attribution on this page have been unsuccessful.  


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