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Saturday - Caesarea & Akko
Sunday - Jaffa's Old City & Tel Aviv
Monday - Beit She'an
Tuesday - Masada To Jerusalem
Wednesday & Thursday- Jerusalem
Friday - Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv
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Old Jaffa    

Trip Journal for Sunday, 16Apr2006

jaffa004_a.jpg (53173 bytes)

Approaching the Jaffa Old City.  Yes, you walk up.  What a surprise!

jaffa020.jpg (74628 bytes)

Old Jaffa, typical street sign. 

jaffa005_a.jpg (68961 bytes)

Old Jaffa, at the intersection of Cancer and Sagittarius.

jaffa007.jpg (72567 bytes)

Old Jaffa, no they aren't moving it.  

jaffa019.jpg (100851 bytes)

Old Jaffa.  On the way to the Vatican Embassy.
jaffa004.jpg (85151 bytes) Old Jaffa.  Ramses II garden. 
Jaffa002.jpg (58607 bytes) Old Jaffa.  Statue of Faith.  (Depictions from the Old Testament)
jaffa015_a.jpg (41530 bytes) Old Jaffa.  Ancient object de art from the Ilana Goor Museum.  

jaffa021.jpg (52494 bytes)

Old Jaffa.  The current lighthouse.  There has been a light house on this spot for more than four millennia. 

jaffa003.jpg (80143 bytes)

Old Jaffa.  The view to Tel Aviv.

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