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Saturday - Caesarea & Akko
Sunday - Jaffa's Old City & Tel Aviv
Monday - Beit She'an
Tuesday - Masada To Jerusalem
Wednesday & Thursday- Jerusalem
Friday - Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv
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Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv    

Trip Journal for Friday, 21Apr2006

soreq004.jpg (190559 bytes)

Beit Shemesh, the view on the route to the Soreq Caves.
soreq006.jpg (281128 bytes) Soreq Cave.
soreq007.jpg (332152 bytes) Soreq Cave.
soreq008.jpg (58408 bytes) Soreq Cave.
soreq011.jpg (31052 bytes) Soreq Cave, breakfast anyone?

soreq015.jpg (39091 bytes)

Soreq Cave.

soreq017.jpg (73241 bytes)

Soreq Cave.

soreq033.jpg (237946 bytes)

Soreq Cave, by now I'm getting the hang of what is a new camera underground for the first time.

soreq034.jpg (284611 bytes)

Soreq Cave.

soreq030.jpg (48960 bytes)

Soreq Cave.

soreq031.jpg (329798 bytes)

Soreq Cave, saving what I think is the best shot for last.

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