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Saturday - Caesarea & Akko
Sunday - Jaffa's Old City & Tel Aviv
Monday - Beit She'an
Tuesday - Masada To Jerusalem
Wednesday & Thursday- Jerusalem
Friday - Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv
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Caesarea & Akko (Acre)

Trip Journal for Saturday, 15Apr2006

caesarea001.jpg (80542 bytes)

Herod's Pool, Caesarea - Where Herod the Great had his brother-in-law strangled.

caesarea005.jpg (72062 bytes)

The Hippodrome at Caesarea.  They have chariot races in the afternoon.

caesarea006.jpg (46957 bytes)

Walking in the ruins of the port city of Caesarea

caesarea010.jpg (70098 bytes)

Caesarea, the tavern in the port city.

caesarea011.jpg (61072 bytes)

Caesarea, merchant area of port city.

caesarea020.jpg (46361 bytes)

Caesarea, entrance to theater from off house right.

caesarea017.jpg (60729 bytes)

Caesarea, stage from top row of amphitheater. 

caesarea025.jpg (55250 bytes)

Caesarea, amphitheater from the stage.

caesarea026.jpg (59012 bytes)

Caesarea, all that is left of the once major port.

akko016b.jpg (45183 bytes)

Akko, a side street.
akko020.jpg (78328 bytes) Akko, Underground Crusader City, Great Hall.
akko004.jpg (49599 bytes) Akko, Al-Jazzar Mosque
akko024.jpg (114547 bytes) Akko, entrance to Al-Jazzar Mosque
akko001.jpg (103777 bytes) Akko, courtyard of the Al-Jazzar Mosque
akko005.jpg (86913 bytes) Akko, the approach to the rampart walls.
akko006.jpg (51994 bytes) Akko, Al-Jazzar Mosque as seen from the old ramparts.
akko007.jpg (60482 bytes) Akko, looking out on Heffa (Haifa) from the ramparts.
akko018.jpg (97500 bytes) Akko, harbor area.
akko016.jpg (106343 bytes) Akko, harbor area.  (May take some time to download.)

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