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Saturday - Caesarea & Akko
Sunday - Jaffa's Old City & Tel Aviv
Monday - Beit She'an
Tuesday - Masada To Jerusalem
Wednesday & Thursday- Jerusalem
Friday - Beit Shemesh & Tel Aviv
Musings In the Air (Trip Journal)
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Trip Journal for Tuesday, 18Apr2006

masada002.jpg (93918 bytes)

Masada, the Roman Ramp. 

masada001.jpg (174982 bytes) Masada, view from the Roman Ramp Path on the way up.
masada005.jpg (85513 bytes) Masada, view of one of the Roman encampments as seen from atop the mountain.
masada012.jpg (64434 bytes) Masada, the Roman encampment from the top of the mountain using a telephoto lense.
masada004.jpg (61191 bytes) Masada, believe this is the vicinity of the synagogue. 
masada006.jpg (40217 bytes) Masada, exact location unknown.  Note the black line upper left corner of the photo.  See trip journal.
masada011.jpg (59564 bytes) Masada, Officers Quarters.
masada010.jpg (134661 bytes) Masada, looking up from the lower  terrace of the Northern Palace.
masada018.jpg (52419 bytes) Masada, location unknown.

masada016.jpg (76915 bytes)

Masada, location unknown.

masada014.jpg (67439 bytes)

Masada, view of the Dead Sea.

masada017.jpg (40069 bytes)

Masada, looking north to one of the towers.

masada019.jpg (139752 bytes)

Masada, the Roman Ramp Path going down!

masada020.jpg (179780 bytes)

Masada, a view from the Roman Ramp Path.

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